Let our LiveSentinel handle your surroundings so you don't have to!

Our sensors actively monitor Temperature and Humidity which let's our hub handle everything and only alerts you if needed

Let our LiveSentinel handle your surroundings so you don't have to!

Setup is easy with our Beacon Low Energy (BLE) Bluetooth technology!

We preconfigure all the components and there are no wires to run. Our sensors constantly beacon out the Temp and Humidity to our local hub!

Setup is easy with our Beacon Low Energy (BLE) Bluetooth technology!

Set the schedule and your LiveSentinel hub will oversee the rest!

HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is critical in an environment and it starts with mastering your Temperature and Humidity! Set the light, temperature and relative humidity parameter's and forget about it!

Set the schedule and your LiveSentinel hub will oversee the rest!

Be alerted when the room is not behaving!

Knowledge is power. If your room is not in tune with the schedule we will make sure you know.

Be alerted when the room is not behaving!

Check out our affordable starter kits!

Comes with a control unit and 3 sensors. Internet is required and configuration is done in the cloud!

Check out our affordable starter kits!

Powerful features!

There are many products on the market to manage individual parts of a managing a room but not many that tie them all together.

Monitor temperature and humidity with wireless battery operated sensors

Temperature (T) and Humidity(H) are the building blocks on any grow room ecosystem. If the T and H are not honed in for an optimal grow through the cycle you will effect your output.

Automate AC powered devices with integrated power strips

Smart power strips give you the ability to control their outlets remotely. By consulting a schedule with grow parameters we can turn on or off whatever the HVAC calls for.

Manage automation to fit your grow with our powerful schedule

The schedule is the brain of the operations. It would be doing what you should be doing but it will do a better job. Swinging the T & H by at least 10 degrees indoors at night really improves yields. It is hard to do that manually and even with timers.

Logged sensor data available in the cloud interface

Data is power. Looking back at yesterdays environmental data or over a grow can really help you elevate your growing game. Not many systems on the market can save all of your data and even calculate the cost of the grow in regards to Kwh when certain power strips are used.

Alerts let you know if any devices have stopped

Once are alerts are fully implemented you will get an alert whenever something is not within the specification of the schedule. This can really save your grow if a breaker trips and you don't know about it. Or water is on the floor now.

Access anywhere using our app or website

It is always nice to bring up the app and see that your atmosphere is 75 degrees and your humidity is 60% the co2 is 1200 and the light levels are 1200. It is a piece of mine that is priceless.


Planned future features include:

Additional Garden Alerts

Currently we alert when one of our components goes down like a power switch or a sensor. Next we will alert when the room is say over 80 degrees when it should be at 75.

SMS/Text Alerts

Today we send email alerts and we can email your cell phone today. Next we want to natively talk to the SMS provider to directly talk to your device instead of going through and email server. Then we can get a confirmation you received the alert and stop sending them.

Cellular access for remote deployments

Face it there is no Internet in most places we have to grow in doors. If there is sometimes it is not reliable. We can add a cellular modem directly on our control unit to put you right on our Partners Cellular network for a low monthly fee. Much cheaper than cable, Fiber, or even DSL.

Custom sensor modules including Carbon dioxide (CO2) and light

If you want to up your game you have to add co2 enrichment to your grow. Co2 is like oxygen for your plants. Adding Co2 at key intervals can really make your plants grow big and fast! We also want to integrate door contacts for security as well as add a camera and motion sensor to do many things with.

Hydroponic support including water temperature, pH, and EC

Hydroponics are a popular grow medium for indoor growers. Knowing and controlling the important attributes of the water can really make a difference on yields.

Custom efficient LED COB ighting solution

Anything computer geeky is going to attract our attention Chip on Board lighting makes it possible for us to assemble some powerful lights and we can control them to simulate the sun by not just blasting the light on at 6am. The plant does not start intaking sun for close to an hour so might as well not burn the electricity as the plant wakes up.